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Playa Premier Properties

We are different; let us prove to you how.

We are not the only Vacation Rental company serving Playa Del Carmen and the Riviera Maya but many of our competitors find ways in which to charge owners for listing, either directly or through charges for photography, appearances in brochures, etc. We do not, we regard those costs as simply the cost of doing business and finance all our business expenses through commissions earned on finding our owners rentals.

If you are ready to list our contact information is:


Call: – 530-586-3001
Fax and Voice Message: 435-604-7080

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions to help you decide if is the right place to list your vacation rental.

Why consider listing on
– No cost, no risk, we strongly feel that our owners are our most important clients. We base our business upon developing a mutually beneficial relationship with our owners that is based on doing a lot of business together. Unlike other companies we do not charge our owners to list with us, we do not charge for house inspections, photo shoots, promotion, or marketing.

Who can list on
– Any owner of a vacation rental property can apply for consideration. We inspect all out houses and it is only after an inspection and acceptance that the house will be added to our pages.

How do owners pay for a listing?
– They really do not pay anything, commissions are earned on rentals secured by Playa Premier Properties, and so we only make money by making our clients money. And all reservations are paid 100% prior to Client check inn.

Do I have to sign an Exclusive Agreement?
– Signing exclusivity to a single agent is not in your, the owner’s best interest. Remember we said we regard our owners as clients; asking clients to sign exclusively with us would be looking after our own interests at their expense, which is why we do not do so. We do not do management we leave cleaning and repairs to management companies and marketing and booking and making owners rental revenue to marketing companies it has always been the best solution for owners and more revenue.

What other services will Playa Premier Properties provide?
Directly or through business partners in Playa provide or arrange for most services vacationers may ask for. We offer transportation from the airport or rental cars, cooks, babysitters, housemen, caterers, wedding planners, event coordinators, tour guides, fishing charters, discounted golf at all the golf courses, as well as most other activities Playa is well-known for.

How well do you know Playa?
– Every member of our team has lived in Playa or still lives in Playa so we think we know the area very well.

How do I list?
– Contact us first so we can discuss your property, your requirements, we will provide you with a draft of our Owner’s Agreement and when we have confirmed rental rates a final copy is signed by both parties. This is an understanding and not an exclusive binding contract.